How The Auction Works

All persons wishing to bid will be instructed to sign up before they can bid. This is mainly so we can follow up in case you don’t pick up your item(s) in a timely manner.

The auction is set up to accept PROXY BIDDING.
This means you simply enter the highest amount you are willing to pay and the system will bid for you as prompted by other bids. You will be notified by email if your maximum bid is outbid.
You can always increase your Maximum Bid until the item’s Online Close, even when you are the leading bidder.

Example: An item’s Leading Bid is $25.00, and the bid increment is $5.00. If you choose proxy bidding and enter a much higher bid (Maximum Bid) of $50.00, and there is another regular bid, you become the high bidder and the Leading Bid reads $30.00. ( $25.00 + $5.00 =$30.00 ) – NOT THE $50.00 THAT YOU SET AS MAXIMUM

If another maximum bid is placed that is higher than your max bid, that will again increase the current bidding by the given $5.00 increment but, at the end, they will outbid you.)

If you bid only the next allowed minimum bid and others have set a higher max bid, the system will automatically raise the next accepted bid by the default preset excrement. A note should appear stating that you are already outbid.

If you prefer to keep close tabs on the items you bid on, just enter your next highest acceptable bid and see what someone else does. You can view the “Auction History” any time. (Click image below to see how.)

After you win an auction.

Step 1. – You will receive an email and/or you will find yourself back on the item page and you will see a notice that says: [themify_button bgcolor=”red” link=”http://”]Pay Now[/themify_button] – OR [themify_button bgcolor=”red” link=”http://”]Proceed To Checkout[/themify_button] YOU MUST CLICK ON THIS BUTTON TO RESERVE YOUR ITEM!

Step 2. – You will be given 3 ways to pay for your item. Choose from the 3 options provided and click [themify_button bgcolor=”red” link=”http://”]Place Order[/themify_button] … AGAIN – YOU MUST CLICK ON THIS BUTTON TO RESERVE YOUR ITEM!

Step 3. When you win and “Place Your Order“, you can pay in 3 ways:

By Check – Bring your check or checkbook with you when you pick up your winnings. If you send a check ahead of time, make it out to Veterans Miracle Center and mail to – 1573 West 39th St. Erie, PA 16509

By Cash – You can pay by check, cash or, IF YOU HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, YOU CAN “Send Money” TO:

Pay Immediately with PayPal – You can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

(If you do not reserve your items, or do not come to pick them up within 2 weeks, we reserve the right to re-auction the items at a later date.)…

If Things Go Wrong.

If a “glitch” appears in the system, no auction item will end early. Disputes will be resolved by the auction chairperson.”